Hello, and welcome to my Titanic Webpage! I'm Katie, and I'll be your Tour Guide. Here I'll be showing you the wonderful things about James Cameron's movie, Titanic, and I'll also share some information on the real ship. To continue the tour, please click one of the buttons below to take you to that section of the tour. Thank you, and enjoy!

Notice: I'd like to inform all of you that I no longer update this web page, basically because I just don't love this movie like I used to... but since I put so much time into it, I don't really have the heart to take it down. ;) I *am* however, removing the .wavs from my Sounds page, because they take up so much space. IF you would like one, though, drop me an E-Mail and I'll get it to you :) Thanks SO much for your support ~ I'm really glad that so many people have liked my site. It's been great :)

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